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Triangle Peg Game
Triangle Peg Game
Triangle Peg Game

Triangle Peg Game Handmade "Complex" Art Wooden IQ Solitaire Tester


The Triangle Peg Game with pizza or watermelon design. We also do custom artwork, so feel free to inquire about other designs. Our artists are always excited about new ideas!

Hand cut, sanded and painted in our "After Hours Workshop"

We have taken broken cedar rounds and re-purposed them to be great and fun games.
Each is unique and hand painted beautifully.

The origin of triangular peg solitaire is not known, although it is certainly well over 100 years old. The earliest known reference is a US patent from 1891. This patent does not use the 15-hole triangular board, but it the first known use of a board on a triangular grid.

The Rules
1. You play the game by jumping one nail over another into an empty hole.
2. Each time a nail is jumped, it is automatically removed.
3. You can only remove nails by jumping them.

So, how smart are you?

One Peg = You're a Genius
Two Pegs = You're Pretty Smart
Three Pegs = You're Just Average
Four Pegs or More = Just Plain Dumb

Listing is for only one triangle peg game and one set of nails. Packaged with instructions

Please check out our other work. I am sure you will find more to your liking!
Custom orders are very welcome! Convo us with what you would like and we will quote a price and shipping time.

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