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How cute is this? Wouldn't your rodeo star love to have one of their own to personalize?

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  Meet the maker! Brian Butler Brian enjoys producing most of the usual woodworking products such as: bowls, vases, urns, walking sticks but it is his wood cowboy hats that set him apart from other woodworkers. Brian starts with a 60 to 70 pound hunk of wet wood. He likes to use Ambrosia maple, walnut, chestnut, birch and beech. He proceeds to turn the hunk of wood into a bowl shape. After many hours of turning, he stops when it is only 1/8 inch thick. Over the next four to five days he will shape the hat as the wood drys....

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Well with all the politics making people feel nervous, I felt the need to make a wood "Proud to be an American USA flag". I cut the shape of the USA out with the laser then I have an artist hand paint the stripes. Place several coats of uv coat to protect. Then run the USA flag back through the laser and add US Military logos, fire dept and police badges.  A big thank you to all the men and women that protect and serve our beautiful country. We appreciate you!

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