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Opened in 1915, the Lookout Shoals plant has for a hundred years been a key piece of our providence. Today, a small proportion is used to give rise to electricity, but Lookout Shoals and Duke Energy’s additional hydro plants supply “peak time” potential when energy is required.

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Our remarkably detailed, laser engraved and precision cut map of Lookout Shoals Lake in Catawba County, North Carolina with the following interesting stats carved into it: Surface Area: 1,305 Acres Shoreline Length: 27 Miles Average Depth: 24 Feet Lookout Shoals Lake was formed in 1915 with the construction of the hydro-electric station. The total length of Lookout Shoals dam and all accompanying structures is 2,750 feet. The concrete gravity spillway section is 933 feet long!🌤🌊

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Lake Hickory offers a crystalline color, since it has a sabulous floor, as irreconcilable to clay. The shoreline of Lake Hickory is one of its appreciable assets. Duke Energy, the possessor of the lake, has kept over twenty miles of shoreline for intrinsic areas! 🏖

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Our beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut map of Lake Hickory in Catawba County, North Carolina with the following interesting stats carved into it: 4,223 Surface Acres 105 Miles of Shoreline Average Depth: 33 Feet Maximum Depth: 100 Feet   Lake Hickory was created on the Catawba River in 1927 with the completion of the Oxford Dam 11 miles northeast of Hickory. The dam parallels the NC Highway,_16 bridge over the Catawba River between Interstate 40 and Taylorsville. It is 122 feet high, with an overall length of 1,200 feet. The spillway section of the dam is 550 feet long.  Lake Hickory...

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Lake Rhodhiss in Burke and Caldwell Counties, North Carolina with the following interesting stats carved into it: Completed in 1925 Surface Area: 3,060 Acres Shoreline: 90 Miles Average Depth: 20 Feet Maximum Depth: 52 Feet A view of surrounding mountain peaks and wildlife make the lake a beauty. The water is a crystal clear blue color because the lake has a sandy bottom as opposed to the murky waters that a clay bottom provides. It is a narrow river-like reservoir within the large Catawba River Basin. About three...

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